nRF5 SDK for Mesh v5.0.0
Data Fields
config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t Struct Reference

Message format for the Vendor Model App List message. More...

#include <config_messages.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t status
 Status code. More...
uint16_t element_address
 Unicast address of the element. More...
uint16_t vendor_company_id
 Vendor company ID. More...
uint16_t vendor_model_id
 Vendor model ID. More...
uint8_t key_indexes []
 List of application key indexes. More...

Detailed Description

Message format for the Vendor Model App List message.

Definition at line 553 of file config_messages.h.

Field Documentation

◆ status

uint8_t config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t::status

Status code.

Definition at line 555 of file config_messages.h.

◆ element_address

uint16_t config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t::element_address

Unicast address of the element.

Definition at line 556 of file config_messages.h.

◆ vendor_company_id

uint16_t config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t::vendor_company_id

Vendor company ID.

Definition at line 557 of file config_messages.h.

◆ vendor_model_id

uint16_t config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t::vendor_model_id

Vendor model ID.

Definition at line 558 of file config_messages.h.

◆ key_indexes

uint8_t config_msg_vendor_model_app_list_t::key_indexes[]

List of application key indexes.

Definition at line 559 of file config_messages.h.

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