nRF5 SDK for Mesh v5.0.0
Data Fields
sensor_cadence_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

list_node_t list_node
model_timer_t timer
 For providing cadence.
model_timer_t min_interval_timer
 For enforcing status min interval.
bool min_interval_publication_pending
 Has a publication been scheduled waiting for min interval to expire.
app_sensor_server_t * p_server
 Identifies the owning server.
uint8_t * p_trigger_delta_down
 Value triggers fast cadence.
uint8_t * p_trigger_delta_up
 Value triggers fast cadence.
uint8_t * p_fast_cadence_low
 Value for fast cadence range.
uint8_t * p_fast_cadence_high
 Value for fast cadence range.
uint8_t * p_previous_value
 The previous sensor value.
uint8_t * p_current_value
 The current sensor value.
sensor_in_fast_region_t in_fast_region
 Function returning whether the value is in the fast cadence region.
sensor_delta_trigger_fast_t delta_trigger_fast
 Function returning whether the delta should trigger fast cadence.
cadence_value_marshall_t value_marshall
 Function to marshall the data in the supplied buffer into correct format.
uint16_t property_id
 Sensor property ID.
uint8_t fast_period_exponent
 Fast cadence exponent.
uint8_t trigger_type
 Fast cadence trigger type.
uint8_t min_interval_exponent
 Minimum cadence interval.
uint16_t range_value_bytes_allocated
 buffer size for value arrays
uint16_t delta_value_bytes_allocated
 buffer size for delta arrays
uint16_t marshalled_bytes
 The marshalled value size.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file app_sensor_utils.h.

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