Thingy:91 v1.0.0

Connecting LTE Link Monitor

To get debug output and to send AT commands directly to the modem, you can connect to the Nordic Thingy:91™ using nRF Connect LTE Link Monitor.

To connect to the Nordic Thingy:91 using LTE Link Monitor, perform the following steps.

  1. Install and launch LTE Link Monitor.
  2. Connect your Nordic Thingy:91 to your computer with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable.
  3. Make sure that Nordic Thingy:91 is powered on.
  4. Click Select device and select the device entry from the drop-down list in the LTE Link Monitor.
  5. Verify the connection to the Nordic Thingy:91 modem by sending the command AT to the modem from the LTE Link Monitor terminal and observing that the modem responds with OK.
All asset tracker debug output shows up in the terminal view, and you can send AT commands to the modem to try out different settings. For further details on available AT commands, see nRF91 AT Commands Reference Guide.