Getting started

Setting up Nordic Thingy:91™ requires completing the following steps.

Before you start:

Once you are signed in, perform the following steps.

  1. Add new LTE device.
    Figure 1. Adding new LTE device in nRF Connect for Cloud
    Adding new LTE device
  2. Verify and activate the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

    Input SIM ICCID and Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) from the SIM card, and add personal information.

    Figure 2. Placement of PUK and SIM ICCID on the SIM card
    Placement of PUK and SIM ICCID on the SIM card
  3. Gently remove the rubber overlay to reveal the power switch and the top of Nordic Thingy:91. Insert the SIM card.
    Figure 3. Inserting the SIM card
    Inserting the SIM card
  4. Once the SIM card is inserted, power on Nordic Thingy:91. You will find the power switch next to the micro-Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.
    Figure 4. Nordic Thingy:91 Power switch
    power switch

    Wait for yellow breathing in the indicator LED. If the LED does not turn yellow, check Operating states of Nordic Thingy:91 to determine the present state of Nordic Thingy:91.

  5. Associate the Nordic Thingy:91 to your user account.
    Enter the International Mobile (Station) Equipment Identity (IMEI) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) information that is found on the sticker on the Nordic Thingy:91 PCB. Wait for blue breathing which means that your Nordic Thingy:91 is associated and connected.
    Figure 5. Associating Nordic Thingy:91 to nRF Connect for Cloud
    Associating Nordic Thingy:91 to nRF Connect for Cloud
  6. For optional activation of Global Positioning System (GPS), go outdoors and press the SW3 button for a minimum of 10 seconds until the indicator LED begins breathing purple.
    • Purple breathing: GPS is active and searching
    • Green breathing: GPS has fix

    Wait for green breathing in the indicator LED which indicates that your Nordic Thingy:91 has GPS fix.

    Check that the position data and the environment sensor data are sent to nRF Connect for Cloud.