Testing voice recognition

To test the voice recognition feature, you can download and install Google Chrome.

  1. Open up Chrome. Select Dash Home and type Google Chrome. Click the Google Chrome icon that is displayed.
    Google Chrome window with Dash Home.
  2. Go to google.com. If you are redirected to a local Google version, click Google.com in the lower-right corner of the webpage.
    Note: On the SmartRemote 3 for nRF52 product example, press the button marked in the figure below to automatically invoke Chrome audio input. The Smart Remote 3 for nRF52 sends the Google Voice Search shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+.). If the Google Chrome is in focus and voice input is possible on the given page, voice input will be activated without clicking the microphone icon.
    Button for activating Google Voice Search shortcut
  3. Click the microphone icon. Chrome will stop recording automatically when you stop talking. If you do not see the microphone icon, the GVoice application might not be installed. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store to download and install GVoice.
    A window with the microphone icon indicated.
    A window showing with the microphone icon after clicking, displaying text "Speak now".