Power Profiler Kit v1.0.1


Here are some basic troubleshooting steps to help you fix issues you may encounter when using the Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2).

PPK2 only measuring noise

Make sure you have connected the PPK2 to the Device Under Test (DUT) as described in Setting up the Power Profiler Kit II.

Measurements fluctuate when there should be a steady current draw
Your DUT may have a power consumption that is close to a switching point causing rapid switching between the ranges and creating measurement errors/distorted plots.
Graph response is very slow
Avoid using Universal Serial Bus (USB) hubs and docking stations. Data plotting may consume a lot of CPU resources after some time, so ensure that sufficient resources are available.
PPK2 not measuring anything
Confirm that the measurement cables are connected correctly because the PPK2 cannot measure negative currents.
Ensure that the DUT ground is connected to the PPK2 even in ampere meter mode.

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