nRF Util for nRF5 SDK v1.0.0

DFU over Zigbee

Use an nRF5 Development Kit (DK) as the connectivity device for the Device Firmware Update (DFU) over Zigbee procedure.

Before you begin, run the following command to generate a Zigbee-specific image from your own application:
nrfutil pkg generate --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x00 --application-version 0x01020101 --application app.hex --key-file key.pem --zigbee True --zigbee-manufacturer-id 123 --zigbee-image-type 321 --zigbee-comment good_image

The DFU over Zigbee procedure is performed by loading an upgrade image to the Over-the-Air (OTA) Server running on the DK.

Complete the following steps to perform the DFU:

  1. Connect an nRF5 DK to your computer.
    This board serves as the Zigbee OTA Server which distributes a Zigbee image in the network.
  2. Run nrfutil dfu zigbee to start the Zigbee OTA Server which is going to distribute new firmware in the network.
    Enter nrfutil dfu zigbee --help to see available options.
The DFU over Zigbee process ends immediately after loading the image, but the OTA Server is active until DK reset.
For example, enter the following command to start the Zigbee OTA Server that distributes the file CAFE-1234-good_image.zigbee on channel 20, using an nRF52840 DK with serial number 683604699:
nrfutil dfu zigbee -f CAFE-1234-good_image.zigbee -chan 20 -snr 683604699