nRF Util v6.1.0

DFU over Bluetooth LE

Use an nRF5 Development Kit (DK) as the connectivity device for the Device Firmware Update (DFU) over Bluetooth LE procedure.

Complete the following steps to do the DFU:

  1. Connect an nRF5 DK to your computer.
    Note: In the -ic option, you must specify if the DK contains an nRF51 or nRF52 chip.
  2. Run nrfjprog --eraseall to erase the contents of the DK.
  3. Run nrfutil dfu ble to do a full DFU over Bluetooth LE.
    Use the -f option to program the DK with the required connectivity software. This option overwrites the contents of the DK.

    Enter nrfutil dfu ble --help to see available options.

For example, to perform a DFU procedure using over Bluetooth LE on an nRF52 device connected to COM3, where MyDevice is the remote Bluetooth LE device being upgraded, enter the following command:
nrfutil dfu ble -ic NRF52 -pkg -p COM3 -n "MyDevice" -f