nRF Util for nRF5 SDK v1.0.0

DFU over Bluetooth Low Energy

Use an nRF5 Development Kit (DK) as the connectivity device for the Device Firmware Update (DFU) over Bluetooth® Low Energy procedure.

Complete the following steps to do the DFU:

  1. Connect an nRF5 DK to your computer.
    Note: In the -ic option, you must specify if the DK contains an nRF51 or nRF52 chip.
  2. Run nrfjprog --eraseall to erase the contents of the DK.
  3. Run nrfutil dfu ble to do a full DFU over Bluetooth Low Energy.
    Use the -f option to program the DK with the required connectivity software. This option overwrites the contents of the DK.

    Enter nrfutil dfu ble --help to see available options.

For example, to perform a DFU procedure using over Bluetooth Low Energy on an nRF52 device connected to COM3, where MyDevice is the remote Bluetooth Low Energy device being upgraded, enter the following command:
nrfutil dfu ble -pkg  -ic NRF52 -p COM3 -n "MyDevice" -f