Updating the application firmware

After downloading the Development Kit (DK) firmware, use nRF Connect Programmer to program the latest application firmware.

Complete the following steps to update the application firmware:

  1. Open nRF Connect for Desktop and launch nRF Connect Programmer.
  2. Set the PROG/DEBUG (SW5) switch on the nRF9160 DK to nRF91 so that the application firmware is programmed to the nRF9160 System in Package (SiP).
  3. Connect the nRF9160 DK to the computer with a micro-USB cable, and turn it on.
    In the navigation bar, No devices available changes to Select device.
  4. Click Select device and select the device from the drop-down list.
    You can identify the nRF9160 DK by the fact that it has three COM ports. If the three COM ports are not visible, it could be because of the following reasons:
    • When the nRF9160 DK is reset while it is still connected to the Programmer app. Press Ctrl+R in Windows and command+R in macOS to restart Programmer and to correctly view the COM ports.
    • Other errors.
    The button text changes to the SEGGER ID of the selected device, and the Device Memory Layout section indicates that the device is connected.
  5. If you have not ticked the Auto read memory option under the Device menu and wish to visually see the memory layout before you program, click Read in the menu. If you have ticked it, the memory layout will update automatically.
  6. Click Add HEX file in the File pane on the right and select Browse.
  7. Navigate to the images_full subfolder of the folder where you extracted the nRF9160 DK firmware and select the nrf9160dk_asset_tracker_ltem_*.hex, nrf9160dk_asset_tracker_nbiot_*.hex, or nrf9160dk_asset_tracker_nbiot_legacy_pco_*.hex file.
    See iBasis IoT network coverage for information on which mode (LTE-M or Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)) is suitable for your location. For NB-IoT, two variants of the firmware with different Protocol Configuration Options (PCO) handling are available. The main NB-IoT variant is suitable in most cases. Only use the legacy PCO variant if your network does not support ePCO.
  8. Click Erase & write in the Device pane to program the device.
If you experience any problems while updating the firmware, restart nRF Connect Programmer by pressing CTRL+R (CMD+R on Mac).