Testing the GPS functionality

If supported by the LTE network, the nRF9160: Asset Tracker retrieves GPS data and transmits it to nRF Connect for Cloud.

There are several conditions that must be satisfied so that the nRF9160 DK can retrieve GPS data:

Complete the following steps to test the GPS functionality:

  1. If you have received an external Global Positioning System (GPS) patch antenna with your nRF9160 DK, attach it to the GPS SWF connector (P29) to the left of the LTE antenna.
    See nRF9160 DK GPS for more information.
  2. Turn on or reset your nRF9160 DK and wait until LED3 is off and LED4 is on, indicating that the connection to nRF Connect for Cloud has been established.
  3. Go to nRF Connect for Cloud (nrfcloud.com) and sign in.
  4. Click Devices in the navigation pane on the left and open the entry for your device.
  5. Press Button 1 on your nRF9160 DK for a minimum of 10 seconds to enable GPS tracking.
Observe that after a while, the GPS data is displayed on the map in the GPS Data card in nRF Connect for Cloud.