Building and testing the Asset Tracker

The nRF9160: Asset Tracker is not only provided as prebuilt application, but also as source code in the nRF Connect SDK.

Complete the following steps to build and test the Asset Tracker application from scratch:

  1. Build and program the sample application as described in Building and programming a sample application.

    Use the following information when opening the nRF Connect SDK Project, where NCS_folder is the folder where you installed the nRF Connect SDK (for example, C:\NCS):

    • CMakeLists.txt: NCS_folder\nrf\applications\asset_tracker\CMakeLists.txt
    • Board Directory: NCS_folder\zephyr\boards\arm\nrf9160dk_nrf9160
    • Board Name: nrf9160dk_nrf9160ns
    • Build Directory: accept the default
  2. Test the Asset Tracker application as described in Testing the application.