Provisioning the nRF Connect for Cloud certificate

After retrieving the certificate from nRF Connect for Cloud, you must provision it to your nRF9160 DK.

Note: The application firmware on the nRF9160 DK must support long AT commands up to 3 kB to provision the certificate. If you updated the application firmware as described, this requirement is fulfilled.

Complete the following steps to provision the certificate:

  1. Open nRF Connect for Desktop and launch nRF Connect LTE Link Monitor.
  2. In the Settings pane on the right, deselect the check box for Automatic requests.
  3. If you have already inserted the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card into your Development Kit (DK), remove it before you continue.
  4. Connect the nRF9160 DK to the computer with a micro-USB cable, and turn it on.
    In the navigation bar, No devices available changes to Select device.
  5. Click Terminal in the navigation bar to switch to the terminal view.
  6. Enter AT+CFUN=4 in the AT command text field and click Send.
    This AT command puts the modem to offline state.
  7. Enter AT+CFUN? in the AT command text field and click Send.
    This AT command returns the state of the modem.
    The command should return +CFUN: 4, which indicates that the modem is in offline state. If it returns a different value, repeat the previous step.
  8. Click Certificate manager in the navigation bar to switch to the certificate manager view.
  9. Click Load from JSON and select the *.cert.json file that you downloaded from nRF Connect for Cloud.
    You can also drag and drop the file onto the GUI.
  10. Ensure that the Security tag is set to 16842753, which is the security tag for nRF Connect for Cloud credentials.
  11. Click Update certificates.
    The log message "Certificate update completed" indicates that the certificate was provisioned successfully.
    If you encounter any errors, switch to the terminal view and check the output of the AT commands that were sent to the nRF9160 DK modem.
Note: If you had connected your nRF9160 DK to nRF Connect for Cloud before, you must delete the device there after provisioning the certificate. To do so, open the entry for your device from the Devices view, click Configure, and select Delete Device. Then, add the nRF9160 DK again as described in Connecting the DK to nRF Connect for Cloud.