Programming a sample

Use the Nordic Edition of the SEGGER Embedded Studio (SES) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build and program an nRF Connect SDK sample. See Building and programming a sample application for detailed instructions.

If you prefer to build and program your application from the command line, see Building on the command line for instructions. You can also use nRF Connect Programmer to program your application.

The following user guides in the nRF Connect SDK documentation explain the concepts that you need to know to work with the nRF9160 DK in the nRF Connect SDK: When building samples for the nRF9160 DK, you can choose between two different build targets:
  • nrf9160dk_nrf9160 for firmware in the secure domain
  • nrf9160dk_nrf9160ns for firmware in the non-secure domain
When in doubt, use nrf9160dk_nrf9160ns. All samples in the nRF Connect SDK are configured to run in the non-secure domain. They automatically include the nRF9160: Secure Partition Manager for the secure domain.

You can find documentation for all available samples under Samples and applications.