nRF9161 DK v0.9.1

Power supply

The Development Kit (DK) has a flexible and configurable power supply system to allow software development and testing using different power sources and to facilitate accurate power consumption measurements.

The nRF9161 DK is powered by either of the following sources:

The DK is primarily powered by 5 V from the USB connector J6. Alternatively, the DK can be powered by the VIN 5V pin located on the P20 header. Both sources support voltages in the range of 4.1 V to 6.7 V with a nominal voltage of 5 V. The DK must be powered by only one source at a time.

Note: By default, a jumper is placed between the VDD_5V and VDD_nRF pins on connector P22. This ensures power supply to the nRF9161 System in Package (SiP).
Figure 1. Power supply options
nRF9161 DK power supply options

By default, the nRF9161 SiP is supplied from USB through a jumper. To supply other power domains on the board, two nPM1100 Integrated Circuit (IC)s are used in a daisy chain configuration as shown in the following figure.

Figure 2. Power management solution
nPM1100 ICs in a daisy chain