nRF7002 EK v1.0.0

nRF7002 companion IC

The nRF7002 EK uses the Arduino shield form factor and interface to enable evaluation of the nRF7002 companion IC in combination with Arduino compatible boards.

The Arduino interface connectors are described in the following table. See also Arduino signals routing on the nRF7002 EK.

Table 1. Arduino and nRF7002 companion IC interface connectors
Arduino pin name nRF7002 Default use
D0 IOVDD_EN Enable power to I/O interface
D1 BUCK_EN Enable power to nRF7002
D2 COEX_STATUS0 Coexistence status 0
D3 COEX_REQ Coexistence request from host
D4 COEX_GRANT Coexistence grant to host
D5 SW_CTRL0 Switch control 0
D6 COEX_STATUS1 Coexistence status 1
D7 HOST_IRQ Interrupt request to host
D8 DATA2 QSPI Data line 2
D9 DATA3 QSPI Data line 3
D10 SS Slave select
D11 MISO/DATA1 QSPI/SPI Data line 1/Slave Out
D12 MOSI/DATA0 QSPI/SPI Data line 0/Slave In
GND GND Ground
AREF N.C. Not used
SDA N.C. Not used
SCL N.C. Not used