nRF7002 DK v1.0.0

nRF7002 companion IC

The nRF7002 companion IC is connected to the nRF5340 System on Chip (SoC) using Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) and a set of control signals.

The control signals are also available on header P24, while the QSPI by default is not connected. These can be connected to P24 by shorting the solder bridges SB20SB25.

Table 1. nRF7002 interface
nRF5340 nRF7002 Default use
P0.12 BUCKEN Enable power to nRF7002
P0.13 QSPI_DATA0 Data line 0
P0.14 QSPI_DATA1 Data line 1
P0.15 QSPI_DATA2 Data line 3
P0.16 QSPI_DATA3 Data line 3
P0.17 QSPI_CLK Clock
P0.18 QSPI_SS Slave select
P0.23 HOST_IRQ Interrupt request to host
P0.24 COEX_GRANT Coexistence grant to host
P0.28 COEX_REQ Coexistence request from host
P0.29 SW_CTRL1 Switch control 1
P0.30 COEX_STATUS0 Coexistence status
P0.31 IOVDD Enable power to I/O interface