nRF7002 DK v1.0.0

External memory

The nRF7002 DK has a 64 Mb external flash memory. The memory is connected through a regular high-speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) .

The memory is connected to the chip using the following General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)s:

Table 1. Flash memory GPIO usage and connecting solder bridges
nRF5340 GPIO Flash memory pin
P0.11 CS
P0.08 SCLK
P0.09 MOSI
P0.10 MISO
Figure 1. Configuring GPIOs for external memory
nRF7002 DK: Configuring GPIOs for external memory

By default, the power supply of the external memory comes from the VDD domain. There are two optional power sources for keeping the external memory powered: VDD and VDD_MEAS. If VDD_MEAS is selected, the power consumption of the external memory is added to the nRF7002 current measured on P22. See the following table for configuration:

Table 2. Flash memory power source configuration
Power source Solder bridge Default state
VDD SB8 Shorted