nRF5340 v2.0.2

Virtual serial ports

The interface MCU features two virtual serial ports, each with a Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) interface.

The serial ports have the following features:

The following table lists the nRF5340 System on Chip (SoC) UART GPIO pins and their signals.

Table 1. nRF5340 GPIOs mapped to serial port/UART signals
Signal nRF5340 UART_0 - Serial Port 0 nRF5340 UART_1 - Serial Port 1
TXD P1.01 P0.20
RXD P1.00 P0.22
Note: The serial ports on the nRF5340 DK PCB might be incorrectly labeled. VCOM0 label on the PCB refers to serial port 0 and VCOM2 refers to serial port 1.

The UART signals are routed directly to the interface MCU. The UART pins connected to the interface MCU are tri-stated when no terminal is connected to the virtual serial port on the computer. The terminal software must send a Data Terminal Ready (DTR) signal to configure the UART interface MCU pins.

P0.11/P0.19 (Request to Send (RTS)) and P0.10/P0.21 (Clear to Send (CTS)) can be used for other purposes when HWFC is disabled on the SoC.