nRF52840 DK v1.0.0

Getting started

Before you start developing, complete a few steps to set up the hardware and download the required software.

Before you start:
Follow the steps below to set up your kit:
  1. Connect the Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna to the connector marked NFC.
    nRF52840 DK with NFC connector, J2 USB connector, and power switch callouts
  2. To power up the DK:
    1. Connect a micro-USB 2.0 cable to the USB connector J2 on the nRF52840 DK and the other end to one of your PC's USB host port.
      In addition to providing power to the DK, the USB connection supports target programming.
    2. Slide the nRF power source switch SW9 to VDD.
    3. Slide the power switch SW8 to the ON position.

      A pop-up may appear. You can ignore it.

      Check that LED1 has started pulsating. For more information, see Buttons and LEDs.

      Open Windows Explorer to check that the nRF52840 DK has appeared as a removable drive named "JLINK".

      This allows you to program the chip on the DK.

  3. Set up the software following the instructions in Nordic tools and downloads. The actual software required depends on your operating system and, if using Linux, the bitness of the operating system.
  4. To set up a connection between your smart phone and the DK, enable NFC on your smart phone and bring your phone close to the DK.
    Your phone will prompt you to open Getting started with the nRF52840 DK. This page contains a link that makes it easy to install the nRF Toolbox mobile app.