nRF52 Preview DK v1.1.x

Setting up the development kit

Before you start developing, prepare your development kit hardware by completing a few easy steps and download the required software.

  1. To set up the hardware, follow the instructions in Getting started with the nRF52 DK.
  2. Download and install the software tools.
    1. nRFgo Studio. Download and install nRFgo Studio (which includes the nRF Tools package; JLinkARM, JLink CDC, nRFjprog, and mergehex) from nRFgo Studio.
    2. Keil MDK-ARM. Download and install the latest Keil MDK-ARM from Keil MDK-ARM Development Kit.
    3. nRF5 SDK. Download and extract the latest nRF5 SDK found on
    4. Keil Device Family Pack. Install the Device Family Pack that is shipped with the SDK, or let Keil install it automatically.
    5. SDK documentation. Read the information in the SDK Release Notes, and check the nRF5 SDK v16.0.0 documentation.