nRF52 Preview DK v1.1.x

Measuring current

The current drawn by the nRF52832 device can be monitored on the nRF52 PDK.

To measure the current, you must first prepare the development kit by cutting the shorting of solder bridge SB9. There are two ways of measuring the current consumption: using an ampere-meter or an oscilloscope.

  1. Ampere-meter:
    1. Connect an ampere-meter between the pins of connector P22. This will monitor the current directly.
    Figure 1. Current measurement with ampere-meter
    An ampere-meter connected between the pins of connector P22. Cut SB9.
  2. Oscilloscope:
    1. Mount a resistor on the footprint for R6. The resistor should not be larger than 10 Ω.
    2. Connect an oscilloscope in differential mode or similar with two probes on the pins of the P22 connector.
    3. Measure the voltage drop. The voltage drop will be proportional to the current consumption. For example, if a 10 Ω resistor is chosen, 10 mV equals 1 mA.
Figure 2. Current measurement with oscilloscope
Important: The current measurements will become unreliable when a serial terminal is connected to the Virtual COM port.