nRF52 DK v1.2.x

Preparing the development kit

To measure the current, you must first prepare the development kit.

The suggested configurations actually split the power domains for the SoC and the rest of the DK, and bypass protection components in the power supply chain.

Figure 1. Prepare the development kit for current measurements
Prepare the nRF52 DK for current measurements
  1. Cut the PCB track shorting solder bridge SB9 to put P22 in series with the load.
  2. Unless powered by USB, short solder bridge SB11 (if using coin cell battery) or SB12 (if using external power supply) to bypass the protection diode which would otherwise give a voltage drop.
Note: While SB11 or SB12 is shorted, the development kit must not be powered from the USB if there is a battery or external supply connected because the protection diode has been bypassed.
To restore normal kit function after measurement:
  • Solder SB9 or apply a jumper on P22
  • Cut or de-solder SB11 or SB12 to reconnect the protection diode

To reprogram the nRF chip while the DK is prepared for current measurement, disconnect external supply, ensure there is no battery inserted, remove measurement devices from P22, add a jumper to P22, and then connect the USB cable.