nRF52 DK v1.2.x

nRF52 Development Kit (for nRF52832 and nRF52810)

The nRF52 Development Kit includes hardware, firmware source code, documentation, hardware schematics, and layout files. This kit can be used for developing with either the nRF52832 or nRF52810 device.

The key features of the development kit are:

For access to firmware source code, hardware schematics, and layout files, see

Figure 1. nRF52 Development Kit board (PCA10040) v1.2.x and NFC tag
nRF52 Development Kit board (PCA10040) v1.2.x and NFC tag

Developing with nRF52810

In addition to developing with the nRF52832, you can also use this kit for developing with the nRF52810. This is possible because the nRF52810 is a subset of nRF52832 with smaller RAM and flash and with less peripheral resources. Starting from nRF5 SDK v14.1.0, the SDK supports developing for the nRF52810 including an example project that emulates the nRF52810. This project is located in the pca10040e subfolder.

For more detailed documentation regarding nRF52810 development, see Developing for nRF52810 in the SDK documentation.

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