nRF52 DK v1.2.x

RF measurements

The nRF52 DK is equipped with a small size coaxial connector (J1) for conducted measurements of the RF signal.

The connector is of SWF type (Murata part no. MM8130–2600) with an internal switch. By default, when there is no cable attached, the RF signal is routed to the onboard PCB trace antenna.

A test probe is available (Murata part no. MXHS83QE3000) with a standard SMA connection on the other end for connecting instruments (the test probe is not included with the kit). When connecting the test probe, the internal switch in the SWF connector will disconnect the PCB antenna and connect the RF signal from the nRF52832 device to the test probe.

Figure 1. Connecting a spectrum analyzer
A spectrum analyzer connected to J1 on the nRF52 DK

The connector and test probe will add loss to the RF signal which should be taken into account when doing measurements, see the following table.

Table 1. Typical loss in connector and test probe
Frequency (MHz) Loss (dB)
2440 1.0
4880 1.7
7320 2.6