npm1300 v1.1.0

nPM1300 EK Hardware

The nPM1300 Evaluation Kit (EK) is a hardware platform used to evaluate the nPM1300 Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC).

Key features

nPM1300 PMIC

  • 800 mA battery charger
  • Two 200 mA buck regulators
  • Two 100 mA load switches / 50 mA LDOs
  • Two-button hard reset
  • Fuel gauge
  • System-level watchdog and failed-boot recovery
  • Intelligent power-loss warning
  • Five GPIOs
  • Three LED drivers
  • Controlled using Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C) compatible TWI
  • USB-C compatible

nPM PowerUP

  • Computer application to simplify evaluation and implementation of Nordic PMIC applications
  • Ability to configure, evaluate, and export all nPM1300 features
  • Intuitive user experience for a seamless HW-FW-SW solution
  • Battery profiling to generate a battery model for fuel gauging
  • Available for download from nRF Connect for Desktop