nPM1100 EK v1.0.0

Measuring VBAT current

The Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) is operated in Source meter mode for this configuration.

  1. Connect the PPK2 to the nPM1100 EK with the 4-pin measurement cable using the following pins:
    • PPK2 GND to nPM1100 EK GND on either P7 or P8 (pin 9)
    • PPK2 VOUT to nPM1100 EK VBAT_HF on P4 (pin 2)
  2. Connect the load (nRF5340 DK in this example) to VOUTB (pin 3) and GND (pin 4) on nPM1100 EK P4.
    VBUS current measurement with a PPK2
  3. Connect the PPK2 to a computer using a USB cable.
  4. Start the Power Profiler app.
  5. Select your PPK2.
  6. Select Source meter as the mode.
  7. Set the supply voltage to value between 3.0 - 4.35 V.
  8. Toggle Enable power output to power the nPM1100 EK.
  9. Click Start.