LTE Link Monitor v2.0.1

Managing credentials

You can store and update modem credentials (keys or certificates) manually by sending Credential storage management %CMNG commands to the modem. The certificate manager simplifies this process by offering a graphical user interface for updating credentials.

Before you can update the credentials stored by the modem, you must put the modem into offline state by sending the AT command AT+CFUN=4.
Figure 1. LTE Link Monitor certificate manager
LTE Link Monitor certificate manager

Each set of keys and certificates that is stored in the modem is identified by a security tag. This means that all related credentials share the same security tag. Send the command AT%CMNG=1 in the terminal view to display a list of all certificates that are stored on your device. If you have added your device in nRF Connect for Cloud, you should see a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate, a client certificate, and a private key with security tag 16842753 (which is the security tag for nRF Connect for Cloud credentials).

To manage credentials: