Installing SEGGER tools

Download and install the most recent releases of SEGGER Embedded Studio (SES) and the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack.

  1. Download the software packages for your operating system from SEGGER downloads.
    You need the following packages:
    • Embedded Studio for ARM (version 3.30 or later)
    • J-Link Software and Documentation Pack (version 6.10g or later)
  2. Install both packages.
  3. Obtain and activate your free license for SES:
    1. Open SES.
      SES will automatically load a test project.
    2. Click Build > Build and Debug.
      A window asking for a license will pop up. SES is free of charge for use with Nordic Semiconductor devices, but you still need to request and activate a license.
    3. Select Activate Your Free License and fill in your information to request a license.
      Note: In SES versions before 3.34, this option was called Get a Free License.
      The license is sent to you in an email.
    4. After you receive your license key, enter it to activate the license.