Hardware testing

After finishing a prototype, it is time to do some testing to make sure that the prototype behaves as expected.

The most relevant issues to test are:

RF parameters

A quick and practical way to test the RF parameters is to measure the transmitting range. If the range is approximately as expected, it is likely that the RF circuit is functioning OK.

The range can be tested like this:

  1. First, for reference, we recommend to test the range on a known device, e.g. the Development Kit. Download the HRM (Heart rate monitor) example from the SDK into the Dev Kit, and turn it on.
  2. Walk away from the transmitter, and see how far away you can receive the signal.
  3. Now, replace the transmitter with your own device, download the same HRM example from the SDK into your device, and turn it on.
  4. Walk away from the transmitter, and see how far away you can receive this signal.
  5. If the transmitting range is approximately the same as with the DK, it is very likely that the RF parameters on your device are close to OK.

The SDK has an example that describes how to configure the radio for different tests, see Radio Test Example.

Using DTM

Direct Test Mode (DTM) can be used for prototype verification and during production testing of the product. See the application note nAN34 Application note and Python code v1.01 for more information.

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