Production programming and testing

When an application is ready for production, you must decide how to program the nRF SoC during production.

There are generally two types of production programming:

Socket programming

Socket programming is used when the SoC is pre-programmed before it's mounted on a PCB.

Companies that sell socket production programmers and/or provide socket programming services:

In-system programming (ISP)

ISP is used when programming is needed after the assembly of the final PCB.

Companies providing production grade ISP programmers:

Using nrfjprog

The command line tool nrfjprog works with SEGGER-based programmers and can be used as a command line programmer for batch programming in production. Usage is explained by typing nrfjprog -help after installation.

Download link: nRF Command Line Tools

Using DTM

Direct Test Mode (DTM) can be used for prototype verification and during production testing of the product. See the application note nAN34 Application note and Python code v1.01 for more information.