Security Advisories

Security Advisories (SA) are issued to provide information about known product vulnerabilities.

If you have discovered a potential security vulnerability in a Nordic Semiconductor product or service, please submit a vulnerability report through this form. Learn more about Nordic Semiconductor Vulnerability Disclosure.

The following table contains all SA.

Table 1. SA documents and affected products
SA Affected products Version
SA-2023-234 Security Advisory v1.1 nRF52811 All build codes
nRF52833 All build codes
nRF52840 All build codes
nRF5340 All build codes
Thingy:53 All build codes
nRF5 SDK for Thread & Zigbee 4.2.0 and earlier
nRF Connect SDK 2.4.0 and earlier
Thread Border Router Reference

A892bf7 -> docker image and earlier
A892bf7 -> source recommendation

Thread Certification Reference Dongle

20230119-ce1647697 and earlier for Thread 1.3
20221027-d5a53efde and earlier for Thread 1.2
20200818 and earlier for Thread 1.1

Thread Certification Reference Border Router

1.3-20230119 + 20230119-ce1647697 and earlier for Thread 1.3
20221027+20221027-d5a53efde and earlier for Thread 1.2

Thingy:53 pre-compiled firmware – Matter and HomeKit 2023-03-24 release and earlier
IN133 Informational Notice v1.0

All nRF52 Series devices

See IN142, IN149, IN150, IN151, IN152, and IN153 for resolution.
IN119 Informational Notice Security Vulnerability v1.0

Bluetooth® Low Energy SoftDevices

Released before July 2016