Power Management ICs

Device power management can be controlled using a Power Management IC (PMIC) in a design, reducing the footprint due to fewer components and increasing system efficiency. PMICs include features for charging batteries, multiple DC/DC regulators, battery management, and drivers for LED status indicators.

PMICs ensure efficient and stable power supply to an application from rechargeable or disposable batteries, as well as energy harvesting sources. For applications with rechargeable batteries, PMICs also have battery chargers and battery management circuitry. The power supply function is supported by one or more regulated power supply rails implemented with boost or buck DC/DC regulators and/or low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators. Some PMICs contain power switches for effective control of multiple power domains, as well as LED drivers and other system management functions that naturally reside outside the main microcontroller or System on Chip (SoC).