Development kit for nRF52810

There is no separate development kit for the nRF52810 chip. Projects for nRF52810 can be developed on the nRF52 DK.

For information regarding the differences between ICs in the nRF52 Series, see the comparison table on the nRF52 Series page.

Starting with nRF5 SDK v14.1.0, we have included examples that target nRF52810 running on the nRF52 Development Kit. The example project that emulates nRF52810 is located in the subfolder pca10040e. The following SDK examples include a pca10040e target emulating nRF52810:
  • UART
  • Most BLE peripheral examples
  • Direct Test Mode (DTM)
For more detailed documentation regarding nRF52810 development, please see Developing for nRF52810 in the SDK documentation.