nRF5 SDK v17.1.0

We have packaged our code into easy-to-use libraries to help you find the relevant modules for your specific developmental requirements.

ANT libraries

Atomic FIFO

BLE libraries

BLE Services

Block allocator library

Bootloader and DFU modules

Board Support Package (BSP)

Button handling library

Capacitive Sensor library

Capacitive Sensor low-level library

Command Line Interface library

Cryptography library - nrf_crypto

Error code to string converter

Error module

FIFO library

Flash handling library

Flash Data Storage (FDS)

Flash Storage (fstorage)

fprintf library

Gazell Pairing library

GFX library

GPIOTE handling library

HardFault handling library

IEEE 802.15.4 MAC library  nRF52840 only

Infineon I2C Protocol Stack Library

Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust X Software Framework

LED softblink library

Logger module

Libuarte - advanced UARTE driver

Low-power PWM library

Mapped flags

Memory Manager

Memory object library

MPU driver

NFC library and modules

nrf_cc310 and ARM TrustZone CryptoCell  nRF52840 only

Power Management library

PWM library

Queue library

Ring buffer library

RTOS support

Schedule handling library

SD card library

Sensor Data Simulator


SHA-256 hash computation

Simple timer

SLIP library

SoftDevice Handler library

Sorted list library

SPI transaction manager

Stack guard

Supervisor call interface

Timer library

Transport services

TWI transaction manager

USB device library  nRF52833 and nRF52840 only

Experimental: Section variables

Experimental: Task manager

External: Tile Service

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