nRF5 SDK v17.0.2
Data Fields
nrf_dfu_settings_t Struct Reference

DFU settings for application and bank data. More...

#include <nrf_dfu_types.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t crc
uint32_t settings_version
uint32_t app_version
uint32_t bootloader_version
uint32_t bank_layout
uint32_t bank_current
nrf_dfu_bank_t bank_0
nrf_dfu_bank_t bank_1
uint32_t write_offset
uint32_t sd_size
dfu_progress_t progress
uint32_t enter_buttonless_dfu
uint8_t init_command [512]
uint32_t boot_validation_crc
boot_validation_t boot_validation_softdevice
boot_validation_t boot_validation_app
boot_validation_t boot_validation_bootloader
nrf_dfu_peer_data_t peer_data
nrf_dfu_adv_name_t adv_name

Detailed Description

DFU settings for application and bank data.

Field Documentation

nrf_dfu_adv_name_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::adv_name

Not included in calculated CRC.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::app_version

Version of the last stored application.

nrf_dfu_bank_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::bank_0

Bank 0.

nrf_dfu_bank_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::bank_1

Bank 1.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::bank_current

The bank that is currently used.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::bank_layout

Bank layout: single bank or dual bank. This value can change.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::bootloader_version

Version of the last stored bootloader.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::crc

CRC for the stored DFU settings, not including the CRC itself. If 0xFFFFFFF, the CRC has never been calculated.

uint8_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::init_command[512]

Buffer for storing the init command.

nrf_dfu_peer_data_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::peer_data

Not included in calculated CRC.

dfu_progress_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::progress

Current DFU progress.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::sd_size

Size of the SoftDevice.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::settings_version

Version of the current DFU settings struct layout.

uint32_t nrf_dfu_settings_t::write_offset

Write offset for the current operation.

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