nRF5 SDK v17.0.2
ANT examples
This information applies to the following SoftDevice: S212

ANT Advanced Burst

ANT Asynchronous Transmitter

ANT Background Scanning

ANT Broadcast

ANT Continuous Scanning Controller

ANT Continuous Waveform Mode

ANT Debug

ANT High Duty Search and Background Scanning


ANT Message Types

ANT Multi Channels

ANT Multi Channels Encrypted

ANT Relay

ANT Scan and Forward

ANT Search Sharing

ANT Search Uplink

ANT Time Synchronization

ANT-FS Client

ANT+ Bicycle Power

ANT+ Bicycle Speed and Cadence

ANT+ Heart Rate

ANT+ Stride Based Speed and Distance

Experimental: ANT Frequency Agility

Experimental: ANT Secure DFU Bootloader

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