Delete configuration

A MIPI RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE) device configuration and control phase information can be deleted from the nRF91x1 memory using this command.



The following command deletes the device whose <dev_id>=1 and all related phase controls that have been given using the %XMIPIRFFECTRL command:

The combined load of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) routing, the input load of the MIPI RFFE-controlled device, and any parasitic load from application shall not exceed 15 pF at SCLK or SDATA pins. This load translates roughly to narrow transmission line length of less than 10 cm at the application board but it is dependent on the actual PCB design. A load higher than 15 pF at SCLK or SDATA pin increases the risk of unwanted behavior of the nRF91x1 System in Package (SiP) itself and of MIPI RFFE control.