Set command

The set command provides direct read and write access to the registers of a MIPI RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE) device configured with the %XMIPIRFFECTRL command.



Response syntax:


The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

The identification number of the MIPI RFFE device given when it was introduced using the %XMIPIRFFEDEV command.
0 – Write to register.
1 – Read register.
Address of the MIPI RFFE register as a decimal number.
Value to be written to the register in decimal format. Applies only to the write command.
Indicates the status of MIPI RFFE access.
0 – Success.
1 – No response event from the MIPI RFFE peripheral.
2 – Timeout during read.
3 – Undefined error.
Value read from MIPI RFFE device register. Returns the set value on register write.

The following command example reads register 0 of a MIPI RFFE device with device ID 1:


The following command example writes value 5 to register 37 of a MIPI RFFE device with device ID 1: