Set command

The set command writes International Mobile (Station) Equipment Identity (IMEI) to the One Time Programmable (OTP) memory memory of a device.

The command responds with OK and the device's IMEI value if the command syntax is correct. Syntax error returns Error.

If IMEI has already been written earlier, the IMEI field is not updated. When writing IMEI, the IMEI in the return value can be used to check if the sent IMEI was accepted and cannot be used for other devices.



The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

<operation type>
Operation type.
0 – Write.
String in decimal format indicating the IMEI. Composed of Type Allocation Code (TAC) (8 digits), Serial Number (SNR) (6 digits), and Check Digit (CD) (1 digit).

The following command example writes IMEI to the device memory:

%IMEIWRITE: 123456789123458