Set command

The set command sets locked bands and bitmasks to limit supported bands.

Supported bands are masked with permanent and runtime masks. A logical AND operation is performed to %XBANDLOCK commands. If a permanent or runtime mask has been given, it is required that the second mask has at least one band in common with the first mask. Otherwise, the command returns ERROR. The command returns ERROR at an attempt to disable all supported bands.

When permanently limiting the used bands with %XBANDLOCK=3 and then performing TX self-calibration with %TXSELFCAL=1, execute %XBANDLOCK=3 before %TXSELFCAL=1. nRF9131


The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Remove band locks.
1 – Set permanent band mask.
2 – Set runtime band mask.
3 – Set erase-protected band mask. Writing the mask is possible only in the Production Test Image (PTI) firmware.nRF9131
String. Bit string where LSB is band 1. Leading zeros can be omitted. Maximum length 88 characters.

The following command example sets permanent band 4 lock:


The following command example sets runtime band 4 and 13 lock: