Read command

The read command is used to query how new messages are indicated.

Response syntax:

+CNMI: <mode>,<mt>,<bm>,<ds>,<bfr>

The read command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Do not forward unsolicited result codes to the Terminal Equipment (TE) (default)
3 – Forward unsolicited result codes directly to the TE
0 – No received message notifications, the modem acts as an SMS client
2 – SMS-DELIVERs (except class 2 and message waiting indication group) are routed directly to the TE
No CBM notifications are routed to the TE
0 – No SMS-STATUS-REPORTs are routed to the TE
1 – SMS-STATUS-REPORTs are routed to the TE using unsolicited result code: +CDS: <length><CR><LF><pdu>
1 – The buffer of unsolicited result codes is cleared when <mode> 1 to 3 is entered

The following command example reads the configuration of how new messages are indicated:

+CNMI: 3,2,0,1,1