Set command

The set command sends a message in Protocol Data Unit (PDU) mode.

Note: This command can be issued only by a client registered with the +CNMI command.



Response syntax:

+CMGS: <mr>[,<ackpdu>]
300 – ME failure.
301 – SMS service of ME reserved.
304 – Invalid PDU mode parameter.
330 – SMSC address unknown.
331 – No network service.
332 – Network timeout.
517 – Modem not activated.

The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

ASCII, 1–3 characters. Number of hexadecimal octets in <pdu>.
Hexadecimal numbers containing two International Reference Alphabet (IRA) characters per octet.
Message reference value.
RP-User-Data element of RP-ACK PDU.

<pdu> is expected to be received in the same command after <CR>. Interactive mode is not supported. PDU consists of hexadecimal numbers containing two IRA characters per octet.

The following command example sends the message "Testing a SMS messaging over LTE" to +358401234567, Service Center Address +448888888:

+CMGS: 2