SiP pin configuration

System in Package (SiP) pin configuration commands can be used to configure the behavior of selected pins of the nRF91x1 SiP. The pins that can currently be configured are COEX0, MAGPIO[0:2], and MIPI RFFE.

For more information on the nRF91x1 SiP pins, see Pin assignments in nRF9131 Product Specification and nRF9161 Product Specification.

The control of these pins is tied to the modem operations, that is, the pins are controllable only when the modem is active. For example, if the modem goes to a long Power Saving Mode (PSM) sleep mode, the supply voltage for the pins is removed for power saving reasons and the pin state goes low until the modem wakes up again. The pin configuration can be made dependent on the modem’s RF frequency. This means that instead of using the cell’s static center frequency for decision-making, the dynamically changing center frequency of the current narrowband is used. Downlink or uplink direction does not affect the decision.

The commands in this section are intended to be given only once at boot or in device production if you want to store the configurations in Non-volatile Memory (NVM). This can be done with the +CFUN=0 command.

Active %XPOFWARN warning blocks the storing to NVM.

When the Production Test Image (PTI) modem firmware is used, the configuration can be stored in NVM with the %XFSSYNC command. After giving the commands, the modem software automatically toggles the pins, depending on RF frequency and modem state. In other words, the application does not need to send these commands during modem active usage.