Claim token generation %CLAIMTOKEN

The proprietary %CLAIMTOKEN command requests the device's claim token. v2.0.x

Claim token is proof that the ownership public key has been provisioned onto a particular device. The device signs the digest of the ownership public key with its identity key. The owner then signs the claim tokens with the ownership private key. Using the ownership public key, the nRF Identity service can determine that the ownership claim of the device is valid.

The response contains a device claim token message including the device type, device UUID, firmware UUID, ownership public key digest, and COSE authentication metadata COSE_Sign1 signature separated by a dot '.' and encoded to Base64Url format:

"Base64Url(Device claim token).Base64Url(Cose_Sign1)". <response> Device claim token message and COSE_Sign1 signature as Base64Url encoded strings separated by a dot ".": "Base64Url(Device claim token).Base64Url(Cose_Sign1)"