Exceptional data state %EXCEPTIONALDATA

The proprietary %EXCEPTIONALDATA command sets or reads the state of Packet Data Network (PDN) connection usage for exceptional data.v2.0.x

The command can be used to enable the sending of exceptional data in a PDN connection

Exceptional data can be used only in Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT). The command has no effect in LTE-M.

To send exceptional data, the application must also set the exceptional data socket option to send exceptional data packets through the socket. The socket option is used to determine if the data packet has normal or exceptional priority.

If PDN connection usage allows the sending of exceptional data, data packets, such as Router Solicitation sent in IPv6 negotiation or DNS Query to resolve other end IP address, are handled as exceptional data

PDN connection usage for exceptional data is also used to determine if a possible activation of initial or additional PDN connection should establish RRC connection for exceptional data.