Set command

The set command subscribes unsolicited internal temperature notifications.

A notification is sent when the temperature is rising above a high or critical temperature level or cooling down from a critical or high temperature level.



Notification syntax:

%XTEMP: <temperature_level>,<temperature>

The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Unsubscribe unsolicited temperature indications
1 – Subscribe unsolicited temperature indications

The notification parameters and their defined values are the following:

1 – Normal temperature
2 – High temperature. Factory default 55. This can be changed with %XTEMPHIGHLVL.
3 – Critical temperature. TX/RX disabled. Factory default 90.
Integer. Celsius degrees between −40 and 125.

The following command example subscribes notifications:


The following example shows an unsolicited notification for an internal temperature level:

%XTEMP: 1,37
%XTEMP: 2,56
%XTEMP: 3,91