Read command

The read command reads the current time and daylight saving time.

Response syntax:

%CCLK: <time>[,<daylight_saving_time>]

If time is not received or set with the %CCLK command, the response is ERROR.

Note: The device clock updates are based on network time when available. The time can be requested using the read command, but not all networks provide the information, nor can the highest accuracy requirements be guaranteed, either.

The read command parameters and their defined values are the following:

String. Current time in the format "yy/MM/dd,hh:mm:ss±zz", where the characters, from left to right, indicate year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds, and time zone. Time zone indicates the difference, expressed in quarters of an hour, between the local time and GMT (value range from −48 to +48).
Optional. Present if received from the network or if the user has set it in %CCLK.
0 – No adjustment of daylight saving time
1 – +1 h adjustment of daylight saving time
2 – +2 h adjustment of daylight saving time

The following command example reads the current date, time, and daylight saving time:

%CCLK: "02/05/07,14:08:17+00",2