Read command

The read command returns the current parameters for the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) suspend and deactivate capability. If the set command has not been executed, the default parameters are returned with both features enabled and no delay.

Response syntax:

+SSRDA: <sus>,<deac>,<del>

The read command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Suspend and resume UICC disabled.
1 – Suspend and resume UICC enabled.
0 – Deactivate and activate UICC disabled.
1 – Deactivate and activate UICC enabled.
Delay in executing a suspend or deactivate of the UICC upon meeting the conditions to allow start of suspend or deactivate in decimal format.
0–10 s.

The following command example reads the parameters when UICC suspension and deactivation are enabled and there is no delay, which are the default parameters:

+SSRDA: 1,1,0

The following command example reads the configuration when UICC suspension is disabled and deactivation is enabled with ten seconds delay:

+SSRDA: 0,1,10