Set command

The set command causes the currently selected Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) to open a new logical channel. The UICC selects the application identified by the Dedicated File (DF) name that is received with this command and returns a session ID as a response.



Response syntax:

+CCHO: <sessionid>
11 – SIM PIN required.
12 – SIM PUK required.
13 – SIM failure.
14 – SIM busy.
17 – SIM PIN2 required.
18 – SIM PUK2 required.

The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

1–16 bytes. Application selected in the UICC referenced by a DF name.
Session ID used to target a specific application on a smart card, such as Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM), using the opened logical channel.

The following command example opens a logical channel and selects an IP Multimedia Services Identity Module (ISIM) application in the GSMA Generic eUICC Test Profile:

+CCHO: 2