Set command

The command sends a message in Protocol Data Unit (PDU) mode.

Note: Only a client registered with +CNMI is allowed to send messages.



Response syntax:

+CMGS: <mr>[,<ackpdu>]

The command parameters and their defined values are the following:

Number of octets coded in the transport layer data unit to be given. 1–3 ASCII digits.
Hexadecimal numbers containing two International Reference Alphabet (IRA) characters per octet.
Message reference value.
RP-User-Data element of RP-ACK PDU.

<pdu> is expected to be received in the same command after <CR>. Interactive mode is not supported. PDU consists of hexadecimal numbers containing two IRA characters per octet.

The following command example sends the message "Testing a SMS messaging over LTE" to +358401234567, Service Center Address +448888888:

+CMGS: 2